Immigration to Seville

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Seville is the unofficial capital of the entire south of Spain and the official capital of beautiful Andalusia. The city is as picturesque as it can be: Moorish architecture, waterfront, horse-drawn carriages … Seville is vibrant, hot and varied.

There is a major airport, train station and other transport hubs, as well as two bus depots that make it easy to travel from Seville to any destination in Spain. As the 4th largest city in the country, Seville retains a cute little town feel with provincial charm.

Living in Seville means being close to beaches and mountains.

It only takes you an hour to reach the beaches of Huelva and the Sierra Norte or Cadiz mountains. It is close to the Portuguese border from here, so you can spend weekends in the neighboring country.

Seville has been named Spain’s most cyclist-friendly city for its flat terrain and over 100 kilometers of quality bike paths. Cyclists and pedestrians will find the city ideal.

Seville hosts many flamenco shows, music festivals and food markets throughout the year. It is a welcoming home for people of different cultures, with thriving immigrant communities. There are German, American and English schools in the city, as well as a large Russian-speaking community.

There are two prestigious universities in Seville, which is extremely convenient if a child finishes school and plans further education in Spain.

On the one hand, you cannot buy property in Seville with spacious gardens and pools. On the other hand, city life is in full swing on the doorstep of the apartment. You will be surrounded by bars and restaurants, walk and cycle, and you won’t even need a car.

Immigrants in Seville say it takes longer to adapt to local traditions and culture than in most other cities in Spain.

Among the clear advantages of Seville for immigration are affordable housing prices. For example, a square meter in the center will cost an average of 2,400 euros, and in the outskirts – less than 1,000.


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