Top cities for immigration to Spain

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Elegant Madrid, luxurious Marbella, tourist Barcelona – here are the 10 best cities for immigration to Spain.

Since the early 2000s, Spain has seen a significant increase in the number of immigrants.

Ambitious students and experienced professionals from various fields (programmers, engineers, doctors) and enterprising businessmen flock to the country.
A recent poll “Best Places to Retire Abroad” found that most wealthy Europeans see Spain as the ideal haven for a safe and quiet life after retirement.

According to official figures, immigrants of all nationalities make up 12.8% of the total population of the country.

Spain is currently one of the most preferred destinations in the world for immigration, ranking 4th in Europe in terms of the number of visitors.

The best Spanish cities for immigrants

If you are one of the future immigrants planning to start a new life in Spain, you will be wondering where the potential of this incredible country is fully unleashed.

Although Spain is full of fabulous places to live, it is difficult for a foreigner unfamiliar with the local lifestyle to find the perfect place to call home at first.

The choice is almost unlimited, because Spain is unusually diverse in terms of geography, economy, gastronomy, culture and lifestyle.

There can be no clear leader in this rating, since everyone has their own tastes and ideals.

On the other hand, every Spanish city has its own character and rhythm, so if in doubt, you can take a vacation and live a couple of weeks in Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Madrid to personally choose your future home.

The only thing that most Spanish cities have in common is a developed tourist infrastructure with excellent public transport, many vibrant events and cultural offers for young people, families with children and retirees.

Whether you choose to live in elegant and ageless Madrid, vibrant and bustling Barcelona, ​​ever-changing Valencia or romantic Seville – any of these wonderful cities can become a home for people ready to immerse themselves in the Spanish way of life.

If you are looking for a small and cozy coastal place, the search circle expands dramatically – the list of options for life is endless, as are the Spanish Costas themselves.

When compiling the rating, we took into account such a significant factor as the price per square meter of housing in different areas of a particular city.


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